Studio and Art Capture Services

Robert J. Mang Photography specializes in high-quality studio photography with an emphasis on 2d and 3d artworks for the visual artist, artisan, and craftsman.  Studio work also includes portraits, and small to medium-sized product photography.

  • All images will be professionally adjusted for accurate color correction and white-balance using  ColorCheckerPro Software and Color Target tools.
  • Studio work can be performed on-site under appropriate conditions.

Also available:

  • high-impact portfolio and exhibition photo books
  • the set-up of easy to maintain image-blogs
  • CD packages of artworks for presentations, submissions, and archives
  • business and gallery cards

Further services:

  • photographing art openings and exhibits
  • inventory documentation
Photo Shoot Pricing – 2D or 3D
My Studio or Off-site
1st Hour (min) (1) $       120
Each Subsequent Hour $         80
Each final image – Standard Fee (2) $         15

(1) The first hour does not include travel time to an off-site location.  Travel time will be quoted and billed at a reduced rate depending on the location.

(2) Final images are images accepted by, and delivered to the client.  Images can be in any standard format.  There is no additional charge for multiple formats of the same final image.  However, please note, the Standard Fee is for images with minimal post processing requirements (which are the vast majority of my studio shots).  For images with extensive Photoshop requirements, a non-standard fee will be quoted as an extra.