Personal, Customized Santa Fe Photo Walks

Schedule: ½ Day

Private Photo Walk


 7:00am to 11:30am

I.               Textures and Light in Santa Fe’s Historic District

They don’t call Santa Fe the “City Different” for no reason.  The opportunities for rich textures and colors is unmatched anywhere in the US.


II.             Landscape and Composition (location depending on season)

From the Nambe Badlands to the Aspens to the dramatic cottonwoods, Santa Fe offers lovers of landscape photography countless opportunities.


III.           Funky Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico is noted for it’s deep counter-culture that manifests itself in unique and interesting buildings, signs, mailboxes, and of course… people.

Schedule: Full Day

Private Photo Walk


 A) 7:00am to 3:00pm, or

B) 7:00am to 11:30am, plus 2.5 hrs before sunset


I.               Includes I, II, and III from above

All Photo Walks start out with a short briefing over morning coffee, and they include the Digital Camera Basics Discussion Topics.  There will be a lunch stop on the Full Day (A) schedule.  The cost for lunch is not included in the Photo Walk Pricing.

Private Photo Walk Pricing:

½ Day


Full Day


Discussion Topics: Digital Camera Basics

  1. Know your Style:  Photography Styles and concepts
  2. Camera Settings
  3. Gear and Accessories
  4. Post Processing
  5. Photo Shoots and Photo Management
  6. Sharing and Selling
  7. The Thirty “Rules” of Photography and Composition: know them, know when to break them, know when they become a cliché  (handout provided at Photo Walk)

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