About Robert…

Robert J. Mang is a photographer and print maker living in Santa Fe, NM, specializing in hand-produced fine-art prints using the alternative process of Platinum and Palladium.

Additionally, he shoots studio photographs of 2d and 3d artworks for the fine artist and artisan; and after starting the Santa Fe Photography Group in 2011, he conducted multiple workshops on portraiture, studio lighting, and Photoshop editing software.

Robert spent 30 years in marketing and strategy development for one of the world’s largest wood products companies.  Photography has always been a deep interest, and after leaving the corporate environment in 2009, he has been able to spend full-time further expanding his photographic expertise.

He also spends a lot of time on his bike. For the last three decades, he has cycled an average of 5,000 miles each year, and has been on tours in over 15 countries, including most of Western Europe, Tibet, Peru, and Japan.  His cycling and travel site is here.