Northern NM Road Trip: Bisti and Angel Peak

A short road trip through Northern New Mexico included a stop at The Black Place (made famous by Georgia O’Keeffe), a hike at Bisti Wilderness, and an overnight camp at Angel Peak Scenic Area.  The two latter places are managed by the BLM.  What we saw was slightly different then the tour books and BLM website photo galleries.

The Black Place seen from a nearby vantage point

The Black Place as seen from a nearby vantage point

Drilling the Black Place

Between the Highway and the Black Place

The Black Place ready for more

Getting ready for more at the Black Place

Approaching Bisti

On the road to Bisti

The Road to Bisti

The Bisti/De-na-Zin Wilderness corridor

Bisti Horizon

The Bisti Horizon


Inside the Bisti wilderness area


The Bisti wilderness area

Chemical Pit at Angel Peak entrance

On the access road to Angel Peak “scenic” area.  This “Land Farm” is in fact a chemical leaching field for the oil and gas rigs at the park.

Gas Drilling at Angel PeakOne of the many Gas drilling stations at Angel Point.  The sound is 24 hrs/day, and reverberates throughout the canyon.

Angel Peak

More like what the BLM website shows for the Angel Peak Scenic Area… of course, minus the noise.

~ by Robert on June 4, 2013.

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