The Italian Alps Ride 4: The Umbrial-Stelvio Loop, or as they call it here, “Stelvio-Stelvio”, 2 passes with 63 miles and 10,413’ of vertical

The route:

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The first climb is to the Umbrial Pass, which is basically 90% of Stelvio from the south.  That part was 12 miles and 4200 feet.  I took it real slow, enjoying the ride, and leaving my legs as fresh as possible for the next big one.

Then, after a peaking the Umbrial summit, we had a very quick downhill, a short journey though Switzerland, all while dropping 5000’ in 20 miles.  Then, we then headed up Stelvio’s 49 switchbacks from the north.

That climb is 15.5 miles and has a vertical gain of 6200’, and tops out at 9050’ elevation.  A truly fantastic climb.  Wonderful.  And the downhill drops 4800’ in 13 miles.  It was a real screamer on a perfect road.  I loved every second.

~ by Robert on June 18, 2012.

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