Italian Alps – Ride 1, Cancano+Bormio 2000, 30 miles with 4,878’ of climbing

Today’s climbs:


Bormio 2000:

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After a generous breakfast spread we got our rental bikes fitted.  The bike garage in the hotel is practically a bike shop.  They rent Pinarello carbon fiber road bikes.  This is an exceedingly high quality bike for a rental.

In the morning there were dozens of cyclists heading off in different directions.  The Belgians decided to tough it out on a 130km route that guaranteed to bring rain, cold, and possibly some snow.  But, they went anyway.

The hotel owner suggested we do two rides that are closer to the hotel and would be great climbs but not with the risk of being stuck several hours away from the hotel in the rain.  He and one of their employees took Dave and I on the Cancano climb, which was about 8 miles up while we gained about 2500 feet.  Lots of switchbacks and spectacular views of the Alps and the deep green valleys below.  The ride topped out by riding through a tunnel that was cut in the side of the rock face.

We found a rainless window for this first ride, and the rain started upon our return.  We hung around for a few hours, then the sun came out again, and we did the second climb.  Then the rain came again an hour or so after we finished.

The second climb was to the ski lifts.  Nice road, another 8 mile or so climb, and another 2400’ up.  It was a super fast downhill.

Then, at the hotel, we were greeted with cakes, cheeses, and a selection of meats and breads.   I can’t wait to see what dinner brings us.

This is by far the most cyclist friendly hotel I’ve ever seen.  It’s one thing to slap a slogan on your website that say’s “bike hotel”, but this place is the real thing.  Everything about it is here to be accommodating and friendly.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Check out their site at:

~ by Robert on June 11, 2012.

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