A week in San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel is quite a bit different than most Mexican cities we’ve visited.  Lots of American and Canadian expats and tourists, hundreds of restaurants, great weather, and lots of charm.

We rented an apartment that was only 1/2 mile from the center of town, but was up a hill with over 200′ of gain in that distance.  Lots of walking on the towns very unusual stone roads.  All very charming, and a real workout (we walked 45 miles in 6 1/2 days).

San Miguel has a city-wide code on building colors.  If you want to paint your building a different color, you have to pay a special assessment fee. Consequently, most buildings are very bright and colorful.


There are over 800 weddings a year there.  These Mojigangas are all over town, and are used in the weddings.  Something about her expression does not look particularly enthusiastic about the whole marriage idea…



The central plaza was a constant source of activity, day and night





We took a 90 minute bus ride to Guanajuato.  It’a a college town and very different than San Miguel


As you can see, this woman was exceedingly noticeable.  Clearly some enhancements…






A few other photos while walking around town:

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The Length of Japan Cycling Tour is about to begin…

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The Length of Japan cycling tour starts next week.  I’ll be the ride leader for our 30 day journey from the northern tip of Hokkaido, Cape Soya, to the southern tip of Kyushu, Cape Sata.  It’ll be over 1,600 miles (2,600 km’s) with more than 100,000 vertical feet of climbing (30,000 mt’s) on (mostly) fantastic roads.

There will be plenty of updates and photos on my Cycling and Travel Blog during the next month…

Women’s March, Santa Fe, NM

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Some photos of the Women’s March, 21 January 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico

womensmarch-1Ready to leave home… the weather was going to prove our commitment



Clearly the weather was not much of a deterrent… there are lots of people committed to this cause. Several thousand people came out.











Platinum-Palladium Prints

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For some time now I’ve been working to improve my Platinum – Palladium printing techniques.  It’s been a long road, but worth the effort, costs, and frustrations.  Learning this printing process from scratch is not for the faint hearted, or those looking for quick gratification.  I lost count of my dead-ends and trashed prints.  But, I finally now am able to produce a predictable print that gives me the results I’ve been looking for.

Washi Artisan

Washi Artisan

I start with a Digital Negative, this part alone has a very long learning curve.  I settled on prints with 50-50 Platinum-Palladium on Arches Platine.  I tend to print small as I think this process lends itself to the intimacy that a small image offers. These prints are either 3.5″ square or 3″ x 4.5″.

Making Washi

Making Washi

Almost everything in my studio is DIY. I started exposing the image in the sun, but even in New Mexico, that’s too variable, so I made my own light box and contact frame.  I made a sink because I could’t find a pre fabricated one that fit my needs.  I made a light protective drying rack.  Sure, all this was a lot of work, but I got just what I wanted.


Moroccan Cart

Moroccan Cart


I started printing my Digital Negatives on an Epson R2880 using Epson inks, then I switched to Jon Cone’s Piezography ink-set.  The R2880 was slowing dying and making my life miserable in the process, so I got a new Epson 1430.  It has 6 ink cartridges instead of 8, and has been flawless for me.  I’m still using Jon’s inks with the 1430.





In this post are some scans of my images.  The theme of these images is pretty obvious: It’s mostly People in their Environment, taken from my recent travels…


Shikoku Pilgrimage

Shikoku Pilgrimage









The Mezcalero


Looking Smart

Looking Smart


Goat Tacos

Making Goat Tacos



Textile Market





Sense of Scale

A sense of scale



Alison Stepping


Rice Field

Rice Field


Indian Laundry

Indian Laundry






In the Jewish Quarter



Quietly Eating


Cycling Road

Cycling Road



Aikido – Santa Fe

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A few photos of Alison’s Aikido class

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Alison’s Opening Night at Siegal Gallery

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Images of Morocco

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